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Focused on the sustainable growth of African business

We are a multi-sector investment and advisory firm with a focus on Africa. Our team combines extensive global experience in Capital Markets, Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities. We are committed to aligning our interests with our investors and partners to accelerate growth and diversification across the African continent.

Our regional expertise allows us to structure and deploy financial products tailored to the unique African economic landscape. Over the years, we have developed a set of specific strategies based on our deep understanding of the associated risks and opportunities. Our experienced team helps our clients efficiently navigate the complexities of investing in Africa's diverse economies and markets.

The Altica Difference


We take pride in understanding the political and cultural nuances of less traditional investment markets and our clients can feel safe navigating them with our guidance.


We operate in a dynamic multi-disciplinary manner, and in doing so create value for our clients and investors.


We have decades of team experience in sourcing, structuring, and executing high-quality proprietary transactions in the region, helping our clients and partners to achieve their objectives.


Investing across the credit spectrum enables us to withstand the short-term volatility associated with public bond markets. It protects us from many risks inherent in private and public equity.


Our team of professionals have lived and worked across Africa and has in-depth knowledge of multiple jurisdictions and sectors.


We work with an Africa-positive culture centred around the continent's people and environment. Adherence to these principles is critical to our success.


We provide quality transactions using uniquely structured processes underpinned by risk management techniques. Where we inject capital, we use our expertise and networks to aid companies in portfolio development.
​Our investment and advisory teams work closely with coverage and portfolio monitoring executives on the ground who provide support and continuous intelligence for our target markets. This close collaboration enables us to make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends.
​Our activities' impact on improving Africans' lives and is central to everything we do. Our investment approach integrates responsible business practices incorporating environmental, social and governance standards (ESG). 

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